Doctor examines a nevus

DermoGenius pro
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Combine the handheld dermatoscope DermoGenius II with our specially modified digital camera

Product outlook

DermoGenius pro at a glance:

  • Multiuser and networking capabilities
  • Simple handling with plug & play
  • Simple image transfer to the database
  • Modular design for individual purposes
  • Patient- and localization-related mapping of the nevi
  • Full screen side-by-side comparison of images
  • Nevi analysis according to ABCD rule by using a graphical input interface, a signal light (red, yellow, green) displays the findings (results)
  • Archiving of patient and image data
  • Can be combined with TrichoScan for hair growth analysis

Small, handy & lightweight

The connection of digital camera and handheld dermatoscope only requires one click. You benefit from a simple user friendly workflow, your images are stored and archived by patient and localilzation. Thanks to the light weight of both components you are able to work extremely ergonomically. The image transfer from digital camera to the database requires only a few steps.

Besides the use of our specially adapted digital camera the use of a commercially available SRL camera is also possible.